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Here you will find videos from Brian’s recent archives, from travels all over the planet. Browse the collection and get to know the Going Wild World! Hope you enjoy!

Brian has been shooting video since video cameras became small enough to carry up mountains, ski down slopes, take on extended Arctic backpacking trips, and essentially, go anywhere with. He has gone through some 16 cameras in just over 20 years of shooting.

Why so many?

He’s worn some out from simple hard-core use, accidentally dropped one off a mountain (he’s still in therapy due to that loss), drowned at least two, and short-circuited one due to tropical humidity.

The rest he is presently using as doorstops. Seriously, he’s been into photography since obtaining his first single-lens reflex camera at age 14, and it’s been non-stop ever since.

On this page are some of his more recent video examples from his travels around the world.

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