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“ESAA has had the great pleasure of working with Brian for the past 6 years.  Each year at our annual conference, Brian brings new stories of great adventures to our delegates.  His delivery not only entertains but educates.  Consistently our delegates rate him as a highlight of the event.” – Environmental Services Association of Alberta

“You have a gift Brian, of being able to transport people to amazing places in the world, by connecting people’s hearts and minds to your presentation.” – Red Deer Catholic School

“The image of the Chamber has always been ‘stuffy’ over the decades and we wanted to show a fun side. I think your presentation hit the spot. “– Chamber of Commerce, Calgary

“You are truly irrepressible and a marvelous spokesman for nature.” – Heritage Community Foundation, Edmonton

“The inspiration to go hiking and climbing is overwhelming. Thank you for showing our school the beauty, majesty and fragility of our own backyard. “ – Simon Fraser Staff & Students

“Your wonderful presentation was a fantastic way to conclude a very successful conference…you were an integral part of an informative and entertaining conference.” – Association of California School Administrators

“The audience was spellbound. Brian Keating’s talk was highly entertaining, funny, and memorable — education at its best.” – Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area

“As with all of your presentations that I have been able to attend, this one was equally if not more inspirational and very motivational. You add so much enthusiasm, motivation, and life to all your presentations” – Animal Resource Centre, University of Calgary

Brian Keating
Brian Keating

“I have had so many clients call to rave about you and your presentation. Thanks so much for making our evening one to remember by all who came.” – Portfolio Strategies Corporation

“Your emphasis on the individual personality of animals (walrus and beaver) really got the groups attention. It was extremely well done. What an irony that you travel the whole world, yet have such a significant experience on an island in the river in your own backyard! Several people commented upon what a great choice you were for a guest speaker. Many marveled at your enthusiasm and energy, which was infectious.” – Alberta Sustainable Resource Development

“The response to your talk, both content and presentation, has been overwhelming, and all of it glowingly positive. The time you took to gear your talk to the audience was a wonderful touch, and really added that extra mile. We would love to have you again at one of our events, and I am personally very much looking forward to that day.” – Calgary Real Estate Board

“Brian your talk was fantastically inspiring and I cannot thank you enough. Having you kick off the show could not have worked out better. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Collingwood School, Vancouver

“All I can say is that your presentation was the run away highlight of the day for many, many of our staff—as I knew it would be.” – Health Canada

“It was truly amazing to have you with us. Your presentation was outstanding. This was just what our audience needed after a very long day of technical presentations. Your presentation was praised to us by a large number people in the audience. We could not agree more with their assessment.” – The Arctic Institute of Canada

“While perhaps not on the scale of the Beatles, I can tell you that you’ve got a smash hit on your hands. Attendees at last week’s PM Conference loved your presentation. Many commented on the connections to our work here at Shell. Others enjoyed it as a pure diversion and well-narrated travelogue to places they’d never seen.” – Shell Canada Limited

“Every year you WOW every one of us. I only wish that finances got them anywhere near as excited.” – National Bank Financial