Brian Keating on CBC Homestretch: Antarctic Whales and Penguins

/Brian Keating on CBC Homestretch: Antarctic Whales and Penguins

Brian Keating on CBC Homestretch: Antarctic Whales and Penguins

Brian Keating has spent the past few weeks in the Antarctic, checking out some of the fascinating wildlife that hang out on the ice floes, and in the chilly water. He joined CBC Homestretch via satellite phone from the deck of a ship to share his latest ‘whale of a tale.’

Listen here:

Brian Keating Antarctic Whales 1

A curious Humpback whale as viewed from our ship!  He kept us all entertained for some time with his playful antics.

Brian Keating Antarctic Whales 2 

Using the drone, our team of scientists had some exceptional encounters with some curious and playful humpbacks!  Canadian-owned OneOcean Expeditions sponsors researchers (with a warm ship-home base) as a part of their operations, bringing conservation and science discussions to the passengers and staff on these trips.

Brian Keating Antarctic Penguins 1

I captured this screen-shot of leaping Gentoo penguins from a remarkable video segment that one of the passengers shot with their iPhone! 

Brian Keating Antarctic Seals 1

I photographed this well fed Weddell’s seal from my zodiac last week.  These deep-diving 200kg+ seals are masters of song, creating ethereal underwater sounds that rival any new-age musical rock band.  

Brian Keating Antarctic Mountains 1

This photograph of the mountains along the Antarctic Peninsula is not colour enhanced!  It’s late in the day, and the low light is one of the benefits of a March expedition, with magical evening scenes bringing out the stunning beauty of the landscapes.

Brian Keating Antarctic Penguins 2

I photographed these Chinstrap penguins from Spigot Col, showing several youngsters in their late stages of their moult.  Soon, they will enter the ocean and hunt krill for the first time!  That’s our OneOcean ship in the background, our warm and comfortable home during our expedition.