Galapagos Journal: Kicker Rock

/Galapagos Journal: Kicker Rock

Galapagos Journal: Kicker Rock

Continued excerpts from Brian’s Galapagos journal: “Carlos’s wife, Australian-born Daniela Matheus-Holland, is a biologist who studies sea turtles. She joined our group for the first full day of expedition travel, snorkelling with us through the crack of ‘Kicker Rock’, a famous turtle watching site. Sure enough, at least a dozen Green sea turtles were encountered in the clear, warm water. ¬†That evening, Daniela filled us in on her work, highlighting some of the successes and challenges. Using my iPad, I photographed Carlos, our guide, and Daniela, on the perfect beach, under an equally perfect equatorial sunset.”


NOTE: To hear details about Daniela’s turtle research, have a listen to Brian’s CBC report he did via satellite phone from the ship two weeks ago.