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Produced by MiMedia Television, Brians new television show `Going Wild` was shot in HD in Madagascar in 2010.  Check out the trailer!

This ‘trailer’ is an indication of what is to come. Filmed on location in Madagascar in March of 2010, Brian joined a very talented film crew and visited this island’s wild highlights. The final product is an hour-long travel adventure into some of the best of what this unique country has to offer.

Ultimately, we hope to have a network purchase the show, and then we’ll continue to travel the world, and bring it to you. Our aim? To present a series of travel destinations for you to perhaps someday explore on your own.

In the photos to the left you'll see me and the crew in various locations around Madagascar.

From searching for cave dwelling crocodiles, to tracking down snakes. Incidentally all of the snakes in Madagascar are non-venomous. This snake had a certain attitude, so I approached with caution, gently handling it to calm it down, before I picked up the snake for a closer look.

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"As the zoo's head of education for 15 years, Keating didn't just want people to learn more about nature, he wanted them to fall in love with it...
'We need someone like Brian, someone who tells us what is going on out there in the wild places of the world.'"

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