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CBC Homestretch Brian Keating on Baboons

Brian is busy trekking across Africa, documenting his latest encounters with wildlife. This week he communes with bunch of baboons. Hear him discuss the experience [...]

  Love the wildebeest images? Take a moment to listen to Brian's latest podcast with CBC's Homestretch.  

Masai Mara, Kenya

Brian just reported in from the Masai Mara in Kenya with a short segment from his journal and some photos he and his wife just [...]

Lewa Conservancy

    Brian Keating is still far from Alberta this week, travelling in Africa. Yesterday, CBC's Homestretch reached him at a wildlife conservancy in the [...]

The Sleeping Warrior

    Brian and his wife, Dee traversed "The Sleeping Warrior" in the early morning cool of the day, experiencing some fantastic views of the [...]

Kenya's Soysambu Conservancy

View of 'The Sleeping Warrior' caldera, taken from the lodge of the same name, where Brian is staying in Kenya.  He intends to traverse it [...]

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