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CBC Homestretch Brian Keating on Baboons

Brian is busy trekking across Africa, documenting his latest encounters with wildlife. This week he communes with bunch of baboons. Hear him discuss the experience [...]

Hamadryas Baboons

"I heard the lions calling periodically through the night, and on our morning walk, we encountered their tracks very near our camp.  We actually were [...]

Gorilla Watching in Rwanda

Brian just sent in another section from his journal, this time gorilla watching in Rwanda. (Photos by Dee Keating) "Our first troop of gorillas that we visited was [...]

Kenya's Soysambu Conservancy

View of 'The Sleeping Warrior' caldera, taken from the lodge of the same name, where Brian is staying in Kenya.  He intends to traverse it [...]

Purcell Mountain

The stunning landscapes near Brian's Purcell Mountain wilderness base camp last week.

Exploring Bugaboos Provincial Park

After Brian completed his 'guest guiding' at the CMH Bobbie Burns Lodge in the Purcell Mountains last week, he and his wife, Dee, took off [...]

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