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CBC The Homestretch: Brian Keating on Porcupines

Wildlife columnist Brian Keating talks about porcupines and one encounter he had in Africa.

Porcupine in winter

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CBC The Homestretch: Brian Keating on Jane Goodall

There are some things that money just can’t buy, like spending time in the wild hanging out with an icon like Jane Goodall. Brian Keating has been fortunate enough to do just that, and he joins CBC for a trip down memory lane. 


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CBC The Homestretch: Brian Keating on Swans

Naturalist Brian Keating explains the difference between tundra and trumpeter swans.

Tundra Swan

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Calgary Meals on Wheels

Brian recently participated in the Willow Park Golf Charity Tournament to help raise funds for “Calgary Meals on Wheels.” Brian is pictured here with the successful auction bidders, who just happen to be the management team of Meals on Wheels. The successful bidders all enjoyed their own private room at the Rouge Resturant, who donated both the space and an incredible lunch to the cause.

Brian was ‘purchased’ during the auction, and after their lunch at the Rouge, he entertained the group with a presentation on “Planning your Bucket List”, a tour to some special places around the world, via his ‘live-narrated’ video segments. The total amount raised at the tournament? A whopping $575,000 for this incredibly important organization!
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Green Jobs Forum 2014

Brian will be the opening keynote speaker for Calgary’s first ever Green Jobs Forum on December 3. It offers professionals, students and the general public an in-depth exploration of career options and industry trends in the growing Green Economy. The day long event is free, and will have over 30 ‘green’ organizations represented.  The green job sector is a fast growing sector in Canada!
For more information:
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Junior Forest Wardens

Encouraging young people to hike, canoe and camp in our Canadian outdoors is something Brian has talked about for years, using his presentations as a tool of inspiration. He recently presented one of his talks to some 500 Calgary Junior Forest Wardens, a keen group of young outdoor enthusiasts and nature keeners. Pictured here with Brian are the organizers of the event, who are only a few of the inspirational leaders of their respective young Junior Forest Warden club members.
Airdrie Hawks Junior Forest Wardens 2014
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Children in the Wilderness: Update

Children in the Wilderness: Update

In October, Brian donated a pair of binoculars to Children in the Wilderness, a non-profit organization that facilitates sustainable conservation through leadership development and education of rural children in Africa. Recently, his gift was delivered to the Eco-Club students of Jakalasi Primary School. Mr Mark Ncube, pictured below, is one of the Eco-Club teachers and he and his group of students were so excited to try the binoculars out. We are thrilled to hear that they were very much welcomed by the Club and will certainly add to the program.
To be able to contribute to further adventure and exploration is a great honour. Go Wild, Eco Club! 

 image002 image003 image001 image015

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CBC The Homestretch: Eagle Count

Homestretch naturalist Brian Keating talks about the recent fall eagle count in the Canadian Rockies.

Golden Eagle

For more information on the Eagle Watch visit:

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CBC’s The Homestretch: Polar Bears

During Brian’s most recent trip to Churchill, Manitoba he saw and counted fifteen healthy polar bears! Listen to Brian’s latest segment on the CBC’s The Homstretch, where he speaks on how these spectacular bears survive arctic temperatures, as well as some of the issues they are facing today.

Polar bear mom and two yearlings 2014 Polar bear toying with old glove 2014 Polar bear walking near buggy 2014

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Mount Kilimanjaro: Gaining Gratitude

“The evening of the day Brian and his group returned to the hotel in Arusha after their successful Kilimanjaro climb, he sent this photo onward to Carolyn, the daughter of Barb, one of the very proud 26 Calgary Health Trust climbers. Her daughters response, as posted on her Facebook site:

“My mom made it to the top of Kilimanjaro today… Talk about inspirational parenting!”

Barb commented in a recent email to Brian: ‘I cried when I read it – just as I cried when I reached Uhuru Peak’.

Sunrise ascent
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