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African Cats

African Cats

Brian Keating's travels have led to some remarkable (and sometimes close) encounters with lion, leopard and cheetah. In this video, Brian will take you on a rare wilderness journey seldom witnessed....

Penguin Love

Penguin Love

Brian Keating has traveled to the Antarctic on some 14 expeditions since 2000, the largest wilderness on the Planet. Using his informative and humorous method of live-narrated video, you'll feel as though you are part of the expedition....

Brian Keating - Celebrated Wildlife Expert and Anthropology Professor

Brian Keating - Celebrated Wildlife Expert And Anthropology Professor

Wildlife expert Brian Keating has explored 45 countries on all 7 continents in the last quarter century. For over 20 years, Brian has run the Calgary Zoo's nature based travel program. Hes hosted a weekly nature column for the CBC, and has been featu...

Snow Leopards part 1

Snow Leopards Part 1

Northern India in pursuit of the majestic Snow Leopard, we travel through New Delhi to high altitude mountainous regions of Northern India....

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"As the zoo's head of education for 15 years, Keating didn't just want people to learn more about nature, he wanted them to fall in love with it...
'We need someone like Brian, someone who tells us what is going on out there in the wild places of the world.'"

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