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I went to the airport here in Calgary yesterday, and picked up two Africa Chiefs from Ghana.  To hear the entire story, have a listen to the interview I did last night on CBC Radio.  Just click the link:

The Hippo Sanctuary Story

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Cry Wolf

This is an article I recently wrote about one of my most remarkable wolf encounters, many years ago.  Enjoy!


I was using my elbows as a tripod, holding my binoculars and watching a pack of 7 Arctic wolves.   After perhaps 30 joyful minutes of observing the chasing, scratching, sleeping, and general wolf playing around, I next did something I obviously didn’t think through.

But when you are 21 years old, all alone in Canada’s most expansive wilderness, with testosterone squirting from your ears, 1000 Km south of the North Pole and 2,500 Km north of parents, you don’t have to justify your behaviours.

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TV Interview on “getting to know me”

I was the ‘guest host’ on Calgary’s CITY TV Breakfast show last month, and here’s one of the interviews:

City TV Getting to know Brian Keating

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Axel Heiberg 2010

This is an article I recently wrote for Canadian North Airlines about my Arctic expedition last year.  Enjoy!


After 36 hours of constant mid-July snowfall, the weather finally lifted enough to allow our small group of backpackers to continue the high Arctic trek.  We had been hiking for about a week, and just two days earlier, we had managed to navigate a glaciated pass and were well on the way to a successful crossing of the island.

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Frog Talk

A few weeks ago I heard a spring sound that made me smile! Have a listen to this link of the radio show I did as a result:

Frog Talk on CBC

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An upcoming Calgary presentation open to the public

On June 27 (a Monday evening), a company called “Vine & Dine” has, for the 3rd time, asked me to present some of my African video clips at an upcoming dinner & wine tasting event: click on the link below and then click on ‘upcoming events’ located at the top of the page for full details:

“Africa’s Secrets with Brian Keating”

I have visited some 17 countries on the African continent, on some 45 safaris, and tonight, I’ll share some of those secret places.

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Keating’s new Facebook Page

Please have a look at my new page.  If you click “Like”, you’ll be notified of my new updates I’ll post here!

Going Wild with Brian Keating Facebook


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CBC radio show

This is an Edmonton radio show I did earlier this week on an amazing bird parasite!  Have a listen!

One remarkable parasite!

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