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Marsh Pride, Masai Mara

Just hours before Brian flew out of the Masai Mara last week, he sat just after dawn in his Land Rover and watched members of the Marsh Pride devour a topi antelope.  Brian photographed this scene where 4 of the 5 cubs are playing in the background, age 5 weeks, romping, play fighting, and otherwise being typical kittens!


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Cheetahs in the Masai Mara, Kenya

Two cheetah brothers survey the landscape from their termite mound viewpoint.  They have formed a coalition that gives the cats an edge on securing and holding a territory.  Brian photographed this handsome pair last week in the Masai Mara in Kenya.



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Gorilla Tracking in the Virunga Mountains

Brian just got back from the Virunga Mountains and is now in Kigali, Rwanda, after two incredibly successful gorilla tracking days.  This photo was taken yesterday morning of Brian observing two resting gorillas of the ‘Ugenda Group’, a family of 11 gorillas.


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Lion Sighting in the Masai Mara, Kenya

Brian encountered several dozen lions in the Masai Mara last week, and in this CBC segment he discusses the incredible force of the “4 Musketeers”, an unstoppable coalition of four brothers who have been making lion cubs in some 70 square kilometres of the Serengeti ecosystem!  Brian took this photo last week on one of their successful endeavours.  Her 3 healthy and enthusiastic 4-week old cubs appeared just moments after he took this photo for a sizeable milk feeding.
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Virunga National Park, Rwanda

This week on the CBC’s The Homestretch, Naturalist Brian Keating speaks from Rwanda about his lion and gorilla sightings.

Lioness with cubs


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Sheldrick’s Elephant Orphanage, Kenya

Naturalist Brian Keating speaks to CBC’s Homestretch from Nairobi, Kenya, about an elephant orphanage he visited.


Baby elephant running



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This week on CBC, Brian Keating talks to Doug Dirks about the annual salmon run in BC. This may be a record year for sockeye salmon on the Fraser River.



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Brian had the pleasure of appearing on Breakfast TV this morning to speak about his trip with Civilized Adventures to Alaska. Check out this stunning video of bubble nut feeding and quadruplet bear cubs.


Grizzly bear cubs


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This week on CBC’s Homestretch, naturalist Brian Keating talks about his visit to the southern Arctic with Classic Canadian Tours and seeing the amazing Beluga whales.





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This week on CBC’s Homestretch, Brian Keating talks to guest host Rob Brown about seeing these high mountain birds when he was visiting the Purcell Mountains in B.C. last week with CMH Summer Adventures.

Ptarmigan on nest with Brian Keating photographing circa 1980
Ptarmigan in the Bugaboos July 2014
Ptarmigan female with Bugaboos in background photos by Brian Keating July 2014
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