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Gavin Pretor-Pinney: Cloudy With a Chance of Joy

Brian suggests this is wonderful reminder as to why it’s important to just be outside and to take a few moments to put your head in the cloud, and enjoy:
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CBC The Homestretch: Brian Keating on Weasels

Ever wonder what weasels get up to in the winter? Listen to this week’s Homestretch segment, where Brian shares about a weasel sighting that occurred in his very own backyard.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 1.05.02 PM

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This week on CBC, Wildlife columnist Brian Keating tells us about what he is hearing at the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute public speakers series in Edmonton.



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Brian Keating Presenting at PechaKucha

Brian will be doing a special rapid-fire presentation at an upcoming
PechaKucha this Friday Feb 20, here in Calgary. Brian’s talk will feature his insights and discoveries regarding “Sacred Groves”, areas of global biodiversity importance. It’s sold out, but have a look at how this event unfolds:
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CBC The Homestretch: Brian Keating on Groundhogs

Wildlife columnist, Brian Keating, talks to Doug Dirks about groundhogs and woodchucks.


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TBT: Monty’s Traveling Reptile Show Featuring Brian Keating

Monty’s (Krizan) travelling reptile show from the early 1990′s, with (a very young) guest Brian Keating! Too funny!


A fan of Monty downloaded this classic and wrote: “This video is not that great quality as I transferred it from a 25+ year old VHS tape. This short video is just intended to remind the viewer of how the show was. The old commercials were left in there for nostalgia… I fell in love with reptiles as a child partly because of this great show!”



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CBC The Homestretch: Brian Keating on Shrews

It would have been easy for Brian Keating to talk about groundhogs today, but Balzac Billy is just a guy in a fancy costume, so he decided to focus on an actual member of the wildlife family – the shrew.

Water shrew, Neomys fodiens

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You’re Invited to the Kerby Cares Gala Fundraiser!

On March 13, the Kerby Centre will be hosting an adventurous evening featuring Brian Keating. The Kerby Cares Gala Fundraiser Event aims to raise funds and awareness for older adults in the community.

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Kerby Centre is your source for information, services, programming, and special events for those individuals 55+.

For more information or to purchase your tickets today visit 

Be sure to check out Brian’s feature in Kerby News, by Kathleen Burke.

Kerby - Invitation v4 w receipt text


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CBC The Homestretch: Trinidad Birdwatching Recap

Brian Keating returns from Trinidad and Tobago and tells the CBC about seeing over 300 species of hummingbirds.


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Bird Watching in Trinidad: Common Potoo

It was after dinner when the haunting call permeated the night air! The Common potoo!  The descending 5 or 6 notes sounded absolutely bizarre, and without question was one of the strangest bird calls we have ever heard. I carry my tiny policeman’s flashlight in my video case, all kept close at hand tonight in case this bird did show, and within moments, we were set up on the 2nd floor balcony, within 10 meters of the bird.  This is the resulting photograph. It would call every few minutes, pumping his body with enthusiasm as if playing some kind of musical pipe with each note emitted.  Often the bird would sally forth to catch an insect, returning to the same branch.
Have a listen to one of the strangest bird calls I have ever heard:
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