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Zuleta Highlands of northern Ecuador

On our first full day in the Zuleta highlands of northern Ecuador we found ourselves in the midst of a celebration to kick off the local community football (soccer) tournament! Complete with a military brass band and dignitaries presenting long speeches and concluding with a torch lighting and dance, the 3-day tournament has officially begun!
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Bears in the Hacienda Zuleta

Brian met with Yann Potaufeu, the French biologist working in the wild valleys of Hacienda Zuleta. Yann is showing Brian his newest addition to the wild Spectacled bear population that is resident in the area. The youngster is pictured here with his mother, auto-photographed with a camera trap for the first time earlier this year! These highly endangered bears have access to thousands of hectares of steep mountainsides, full of bromeliads, which is their main food source. Brian and his wife Dee were lucky enough last year to observe and photograph a wild bear feeding on the steep slopes.IMG_0094 FullSizeRender-2IMG_2323

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Brian Keating Visiting Casa Amable

Brian is seen here with host Amable Chachalo, owner of Casa Amable, and his lodge staff Nancy & Kathy (the cooks and house keepers), complete with Kathy’s children Tamia (1.5 yrs) & John (3 yrs).  Brian and his wife Dee will be staying here for 5 days, 2 hours north of Quito in the green, lush highlands, exploring the landscape. From here, they will eventually find their way to Cuenca, south of Quito, to spend some time in the landscape of dramatic volcanoes.


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Heli-Hike with Brian Keating

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 9.09.14 AMBrian Keating returns to CMH Bobbie Burns!

CMH Summer Adventures is proud to partner with acclaimed naturalist Brian Keating for a fun-fillled heli-hiking trip at CMH Bobbie Burns, August 8-11, 2015.

Each evening after dinner, Brian will share a short, fun, informative presentation, introducing you to some of the planet’s best mountain wilderness and wildlife experiences.

Wildlife expert, pilot, naturalist, scuba diver and mountaineer, Brian has explored over 50 countries on all seven continents during the last three decades. In fact, Brian developed the well known Calgary Zoo ZooFari travel program. He continues to leadinternational wilderness adventures, spending some 150 days a year abroad.

For full details on how to start planning your adventure today visit:

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CBC The Homestretch: Brian Keating on a Heron Cam

Brian Keating speaks to Doug Dirks on The CBC The Homestretch about a new heron cam in Vancouver that streams a beautiful view of the Stanley Park Pacific great blue herons.

Great Blue Heron, Ardea herodias

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Life Lessons from Big Cats

Brian suggests that they have learned to behave like the wild cats they film, adopting a nocturnal lifestyle to follow and observe them in the African bush. They have produced some of the most stunning film of lion, leopard and cheetah.  Now Beverly & Derek Joubert are calling out with a very important message. Brian suggests this powerful TED talk is worth making the time to watch. He has followed the work of this amazing couple for the previous two decades, having led many safaris into the Joubert’s Botswana wilderness where they live:
Lion King of the wild


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Children in the Wilderness

Children getting to know the wild: something we take for granted in our part of the world. Camp Hwange is a new camp in Zimbabwe that Brian and his safari group stayed at last September. During the slower tourist season at this time of the year, Wilderness Safaris, a well known safari organization in Southern Africa, utilized this camp as a part of their ‘Children in the Wilderness’ program. Have a quick look at their newsletter: CITW Camp Hwange Newsletter March 2015



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CBC The Homstretch: Brian Keating on Skinks

This week on the Homestretch, Brian Keating talks about a lizard that can be found in Alberta called a skink.

Ocellated Skink

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CBC The Homstretch: Brian Keating on Herring

This week, Brian Keating talks to Doug Dirks about herring spawning along the west coast of B.C.

Herring spawning near Comox BC 2015-thumb-550x412-397025

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Brian Keating’s Speaking Spree

Brian has been on a busy speaking circuit this past month. Here he’s posing with Alberta Teachers Association Vice-President candidate Myrna McLean and ATA President Mark Ramsankar at the Mighty Peace Teachers Convention in Grande Prairie, where Brian presented the closing keynote. He has also been the keynote speaker at SWATCA in Lethbridge and NETCA in Edmonton in recent weeks, and spoken in Lake Louise, Kananaskis and Edmonton as a feature speaker at other conferences.  He has a variety of topic subjects, many of which can be viewed at:
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