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Lemur Stories

Unlike most people who only know lemurs from animated movies, Brian Keating has a long history with the animal. He shares some of his stories on CBC’s Homestretch.


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This week on CBC’s Homestretch, naturalist Brian Keating talks about the huge flocks of gulls have returned to the city — one more sign that spring has arrived.



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The only lynx most of us spot are on TV and in zoos. But Brian Keating is much more adept at tracking down wild animals in their natural habitats. Here is his latest CBC Homestretch interview.


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Conquer Kili!

Brian will be conducting his dynamic ‘Kilimanjaro Climb’ presentation that he produced after he climbed the famous Tanzanian mountain over a decade ago.  And you are invited!
The Calgary Health Trust has asked Brian to accompany a ‘Conquer Kili’ fundraising climb this fall, and if you are interested in participating in this ‘bucket list’ adventure of a lifetime, please join him on Wednesday, April 16 at 4 PM here in Calgary for an information session that includes his presentation.
Location and registration for this free event: contact
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The Unicorn of the Sea

Brian recently came across a published research study revealing the magic of the tusk of the “Unicorn Of The Sea”, otherwise known as the Narwhal.

Have a look at Brian’s incredible two week encounter he had with these unique Arctic whales on a recent expedition:

and the recent interview with CBC at:



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Beluga Whales

Brian just appeared earlier today on Breakfast Television showing his Beluga whale footage he shot in the Arctic.
And if you want to join him on an upcoming Beluga whale tour this August:
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Interested in reading Brian’s latest newsletter? Here is the link:

If you like it, don’t forget to sign up at!



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The Albatross on CBC’s Homestretch

The Laysan Albatross is one of about 21 species of Albatross that Brian first saw last year off the coast of the Queen Charlotte Islands. He’s been watching the birds on a Cornell Lab of Ornithology webcam:

Connect to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology webcam to see a family of Laysan Albatross in Hawaii.


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The Monarch Butterfly


On this week’s CBC’s Homestretch, Brian Keating talks about the many challenges faced by this fragile creature as the butterflies get ready to head north from Mexico.

You can follow the migration on the Annenberg Learner website.

Here is a picture of Brian Keating in the middle of millions of Monarch butterflies in the Mexican highlands at their overwintering location.



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Antarctica Adventure Video

Brian just finished editing a beautiful 4 minute summary of some of the “powerful moments” of his most recent Antarctic expedition with OneOcean and Civilized Adventures. Enjoy!


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