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This week on CBC’s Homestretch, Brian Keating talks to guest host Rob Brown about seeing these high mountain birds when he was visiting the Purcell Mountains in B.C. last week with CMH Summer Adventures.

Ptarmigan on nest with Brian Keating photographing circa 1980
Ptarmigan in the Bugaboos July 2014
Ptarmigan female with Bugaboos in background photos by Brian Keating July 2014
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When Brian was at the CMH Bobbie Burns Lodge ‘guest guiding’ last week, he photographed some spectacular flowers.  He said “The high elevation landscape makes the heart sing”.  We agree, Brian!


flower splendor cmh 2014


spotted saxifrage cmh 2014


potentilla and Bugaboos cmh 2014


mountain avens cmh 2014


heather cmh 2014


Bugaboo hiking 2014









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CMH Summer Adventures and The Bobbie Burns Lodge




Standing knee deep in a huge grizzly digging, Brian photographed CMH guide, JF, who was admiring the evidence of the power and determination the bear displayed to get at his ground squirrel prey.  Brian is “guest guiding” at the Bobbie Burns Lodge for a few days this week, a lodge located deep in the Purcell Mountains, near the Bugaboos.



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The Purcell Mountains with CMH Summer Adventures




Brian is up in the Purcell Mountains with Canadian Mountain Holidays at one of their back country lodges, working as a guest guide.  He’s hiking in the high country by day, and conducts a wildlife related presentation every evening after dinner for the guests.  The helicopter is used as a taxi to drop them off and pick them up at the end of the day, allowing for some incredible exploration into some amazing landscapes.

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CMH Heli Hiking in The Bugaboo Moutains




This week on CBC’s Homestretch, Brian Keating is in excellent grizzly habitat in the Bugaboo Mountains in British Columbia where there is lots of evidence of grizzly activitiy this summer.



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HeliHiking with CMH Summer Adventures




Wondering where Brian is going next? Next week he heli-hikes with CMH Summer Adventures! Have a look:



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Humpback Whales in Alaska




This week on CBC’s Homestretch, Brian speaks to Doug Dirks about the Orca Whale and the hunt that he was able to experience. He also talks about the Humpback Whales who were bubble net feeding – a rare experience for nature lovers!


group of killer whales in the wild Depositphotos_23086932_m



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The Nesting Tube




A few weeks ago, Brian spoke about the duck in his backyard. Here is a video of the duck and the nesting tube he built for her. This is the duck’s second clutch, the first having been eating by a skunk in the area.


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Southeast Alaska with Civilized Adventures




If you are interested in where Brian is sailing this week, take a look at the link to his trip and itinerary with Civilized Adventures.


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Brian Keating is taking in the beauty of the Alaskan coast on a chartered yacht. This week on CBC, he talks about the wildlife he hopes to encounter including bears and the humpback whale.

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