Brian just reported in from the Masai Mara in Kenya with a short segment from his journal and some photos he and his wife just took: 
“We spent two hours waiting at one of the wildebeest river crossing locations, and were rewarded with a huge crossing of several thousand wildebeest.  They were jumping like lemmings off a 3 metre cliff, animal after animal.  The continual advancement of animals, the noise of their calling and the sound of their hooves hitting the soil upon exiting the water was intense.  We witnessed at least two wildebeest taken by crocodiles.  
Earlier we saw two lions sitting on top of a kopje near another crossing point, also waiting. We sat for several more hours after our bush breakfast, watching thousands more wildebeest amassing on both river banks. But the crocodiles also gathered, no doubt due to the splashing and noise of the earlier crossing, and no animals dared to enter the water.   
As the afternoon heat intensified, we departed and headed to a shady river-side lunch spot.  Just across from us on the other riverbank, two very big and seriously fat crocodiles lay, sunning.  One opened his mouth to keep cool.  The other head was so big it appeared prehistoric”.
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