Continued excerpts from Brian’s Galapagos journal:  Genovesa Island
“We landed on the beach to a primordial scene of dozens of flying frigate birds and displaying males with their wings extended, pouches fully inflated and extraterrestrial-like vocalizations. We concluded the hike with a walk up a shallow flooding inlet watching several small stingrays working their way up with the rising tide. A Darwin Vampire finch landed on a cactus, only to be chased off by a Large ground finch.  Swallow-tailed gulls called and bowed to each other with their half grown chicks watching on.  Red-footed boobies mated. A baby sea lion swam up the inlet past the rays and puffers, eyeing us with some curiosity. It was naturalist’s playground indeed. We then ascended the 15 meters to the crater rim, and walked through a thick incense tree forest.  We found a Short-eared owl who had made a kill of a storm petrel. We watched as he swallowed one of the wings! A bonus was a waved albatross flying overhead!”
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