Continued excerpts from Brian’s Galapagos journal: Bartolome Island
“At noon we upped anchor and were off to Pinnacle Rock on Bartolome Island for our afternoon snorkel before ascending to the summit of the peak itself.  The snorkelling began with a sighting of penguins on the rocks! These are the most northern penguins in the world! They arrived sometime in the past via the Humbolt Current from the deep south.  The current brings in cold Antarctic nutrient rich waters, making this archipelago such a biological hotspot!   The fish and visibility were excellent, with a personal highlight of an excellent sighting of a tiger snake eel. In the evening, we witnessed a brand new hatching of baby sea turtles swimming by our ship one by one!  Using flashlights, we watched as the tiny optimistic little turtles swam!”  Note: Brian indicates that his penguin sighting and the snake eel will be featured in his upcoming City TV Breakfast video segment, to air in late May.
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