Continued excerpts from Brian’s Galapagos journal: Floriana Island
“39 flamingos were counted on the lagoon, and a Yellow-crowned night heron was seen on the beach, patiently waiting for a ghost crab to appear out of his sand-hole hideaway! The beach had evidence of recent turtle activity and at least one was observed in the surf, no doubt approaching the beach to lay eggs tonight.  After dinner, in our quiet anchor in our own cove, no less than 12 large sharks and an equal number of sea lions were observed beside our boat!  And we actually witnessed several kills! The first was very dramatic with a flying fish attempting several aerial getaways! Finally a sea lion won out over the frenzy of shark and sea lion pursuits! When the ship began to move, the sea lions used the slipstream of the bow wave to keep with the moving boat with very little effort.  As each sea lion was successful with the catching of another flying fish, it dropped off until the only thing accompanying us was the Swallow-tailed gull, the world’s only Nocturnal gull!”

NOTE: Brian has been editing a City TV Breakfast Television segment that will include some of his shark encounters on this trip, (including a hammerhead), to air in late May. Stay tuned for the date & time, and the link to his segment!

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